“Calm the Voices” - Original Painting

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“Calm the Voices”

“32 x 36”

Acrylic on Canvas


”Calm the Voices” is an original abstract painting by Angela Holman. Wanting to try out some new painting supplies and just have fun with no expectations, this canvas started as a very chaotic scene in various shades of yellow, gold, turquoise, green, and brown. I used those colors plus white to mix and remix my neutrals in various shades.  It’s named “Calm the Voices” for several reasons:

I put my phone down for hours and hours while working on this. There was no social media, no outside influence. I went to sleep before finishing it so I could look at it again in the early morning light with fresh eyes  before finishing. I studied a picture of my half finished painting and was very contemplative about what needed to be fixed. I worked very slowly on the last layer staring at the canvas for sometimes 30 minutes at a time before adding  to it or taking from it. 

I was very focused and calm while painting this. It was very meditative. I did not worry about anything outside of the canvas. This painting was very introspective for me. 

I covered 90% of the chaos that is going on under the neutral final layer.